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A well-travelled bridge between sea and desert, east and west, Jordan is a land of genuine diversity & Arabian hospitality. Our Programs are just creative, well studied and advanced to cater our customers style, interest, budget & aspiration

Discover Jordan

A taste of Jordan

Jordan has a rich culinary, parts of which date back thousands of years and parts that are influenced by its modern history and the diversity of the people who live here. Explore the sights, sounds and smells of Jordan on this unique tour that focuses on the local cuisine, the fresh ingredients found here, and the age-long processes and traditions that are part of the local culture.

Touring the Holy Land can be a life-defining experience, and it’s an adventure many people dream of their entire lives. At Dakkak we consider this to be a be transformative learning experiences, so much more than just a vacation Trip.

Discover Jordan

Ancient Arts

Learn about the delicate Nabataean pottery style at the museum in Petra, and the itineraries next morning visit the workshop of the Taybeh Ladies Cooperative to try your hand at making your own piece in Nabataean style. After lunch transfer to Wadi Rum, one of the latest UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and take a jeep tour to learn about the ancient Thamudic rock art that you can still see today.

Touring the Holy land, Jordan and Sinai is a memorable travel experience. It’s a mix of a rich culture, history, traditions that takes you back in a old time. This is a perfect combined tour in the Middle East fit Long haul destinations Cliente.

Discover Holy Lands

Biblical Tour 11 Days

Embrace yourself on this once in a lifetime tour of the Holy Land. This, almost all-inclusive program highlights the best Christian sites Israel has to offer. Its not only very knowledgeable and informative program but includes excitement and leisure

Discover Jordan

People & Culture

Jordan boasts a rich history, with relics from centuries and millennia past scattered throughout the country. Its landscapes and nature are diverse. Its sites and attractions are numerous. Yet it is the people of Jordan who often make the greatest impression on visitors. Jordanians are well-known for their warm and inviting hospitality that is rooted in a desert culture.

Discover Holy Lands

VEGAN 10 Days Tour

Participating in a vegan tour is a wonderful experience  to get to know Israel and Palestine better . Through this vegan , you will be exposed to the variety of vegan culinary treasures that these destinations have to offer. 
We will visit some of the many vegan restaurants thriving , visit vegan communities, and take part in vegan cooking workshops.

Each Family is unique, and surely each one has its own belief and way of forming their Tour to Israel. Hence, the following program is only a suggestion – a foundation on which our experts will specially design your custom-made itinerary according to your budget, schedule, and special traditions and needs… We will carefully choose the sites you visit and accommodate you according to your choice and abilities, be it a Luxury Hotel or a Kibbutz– all in an effort to make it the once-in-a-lifetime experience it ought to be!!!
Discover Holy Lands

Egypt , Jordan , Holy land Tour

There is nothing more beautiful than combining three of the major historical destinations in the world in one trip. Explore and enjoy a combined tour of Egypt, Jordan and the Holy Land where you will travel back in time and live the life of the ancients in the most mesmerizing settings.

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