Ryanair, Europe’s No.1 airline, August 2023 launched its biggest ever Winter schedule to/from Amman and Aqaba with 25 routes including 4 new routes to Brussels, Madrid, Marseille, and Pisa for Winter ’23. This record schedule will see

Ryanair operates in both Amman Airport and Aqaba Airport and supports over 500 aviation jobs.

This year’s Winter ‘23 schedule marks an important milestone for Ryanair which over the past 5 years worked closely with its partners in the Jordan Tourism Board to transform Jordanian Tourism and connectivity since the airline’s first flight took off from Amman to Paphos back in 2018 and since then, has grown to carry over 1.7 million passengers to/from Jordan.

Ryanair has developed an exciting new growth framework with the Jordan Tourism Board which will enable Ryanair to continue growing connectivity, passengers, tourism, and jobs in Jordan and allow more people to visit the numerous wonders of the Kingdom such as Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea and the coastal Aqaba over the coming years whilst also offering Jordanians ultra-low-cost connectivity to visit friends or family in Europe.

Ryanair’s Jordan Winter ‘23 schedule will deliver:

  • 25 total routes and 4 new routes Brussels, Madrid, Marseille, & Pisa
  • Over 100 flights per week
  • 30% growth vs Winter ‘22
  • Over 600,000 passengers to/from Jordan p.a.
  • Support over 500 local jobs

To celebrate Ryanair’s biggest ever Winter schedule for Jordan customers can now book a well-deserved winter getaway at the lowest fares from just €29.99 one way for travel until Apr ‘24, available only on Ryanair.com.

4 New Jordan Winter ’23 Routes
• Amman – Brussels
• Amman – Marseille
• Amman – Pisa
• Aqaba – Madrid

Ryanair’s CEO, Eddie Wilson:

“Ryanair is delighted to celebrate 5 years of operations in Jordan and the launch of our biggest ever schedule to Jordan for Winter ’23 season, with 25 exciting routes incl. 4 new routes to Brussels, Madrid, Marseille, and Pisa.

We are delighted to grow our longstanding partnership with the Jordan Tourist Board. This new growth will provide the foundation from which Ryanair can increase tourism by delivering long-term traffic growth and increased connectivity.

We have worked closely with our Jordanian partners to secure this growth and improve services for those that live, work, or wish to visit the stunning country of Jordan, whilst supporting over 500 jobs”.

The Jordan Tourism Board Managing Director, Dr. Abed Al-Razzaq Arabiyat:

“This is a strategic partnership between the Jordan Tourism Board and Ryanair and the renewal for another five years is really important for Jordan in order to increase tourism to the country, Ryanair is a strong partner who brought new tourists to Jordan and gave us greater visibility with their expansive network.

We look forward to Ryanair expanding further and bringing more connectivity, tourism and hopefully one day in the future adding a hub here in Jordan”.

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