23 April — 03 May 2023

At the Petra Light Festival, immerse yourself in a stunning visual and musical universe presented on the breathtaking Nabataean architectural exterior of the Treasury in Petra. This multimedia show combines dynamic light, music, and expressive narratives to bring the beauty of the Treasury to life.

The aim of the Petra Light Festival themed “Rebirth” of the Nabataeans is to honor and celebrate the great civilization by inviting visitors to discover their multiple facets – As a people with emotion, as master artists, and as a pivotal civilization – through a multisensory experience. The exhibition departs from popular perceptions of their historical story, and focuses instead on their culture, rituals and enlightenment to the world, as well as their strength and resilience in life.

Experience the magic of the Treasury through a captivating light experience.

Connecting people and cultures through light

The intention is to underline the multicultural nature of the historical city and set an example for artistic freedom. This means visitors can expect a wide variety of artistic representations and productions which impressively showcase the atmosphere and culture of Petra.

A Spectacle Illuminates



Stories and sites of historical merit come to life again

It’s increasingly hard to dismiss projection mapping as no more than spectacle and light entertainment. If the content is handled with intelligence and imagination, it can do something extraordinary and never done before. It allows us to make connections with our shared human past in the very places where history was built – reminding us that this is one world and that we all have a place in it.


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