Amman is the capital city of Jordan. In the thirteenth century Amman was called Rabbath Ammon by the Ammonites. The Greeks called it Philadelphia.

It got its present name Amman in the Ghasanaian era. King Abdullah the 1st chose Amman as his seat of government. This date marks the beginning of the modern history of Amman and Jordan.
Main Attractions

Amman’s main attractions are:

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Roman Amphitheatre

Is considered one of the largest in the Middle East. Its construction dates back to the beginning of the second century AD. It is carved into the mountain and its seats are built in a way to keep people away from the direct sunlight most of the day.

The Castle (Al- Qalah)

Is located 132 meter of the level of the city center. South of the castle we can still see the ruins of Hercules temple. Also there is an Umayyad palace.

Amman offers a wide range of hotels in all categories including almost all worldwide hotel chains. Restaurants shopping malls and entertainment centers are all over the city. Old Amman is only 10 minutes from where you stay where you will find the old markets, the gold market and the antique shops.

Amman Average Temperatures

  • JAN 7 °C
  • FEB 8 °C
  • MAR 11 °C
  • APR 16 °C
  • MAY 20 °C
  • JUN 23 °C
  • JUL 25 °C
  • AUG 25 °C
  • SEP 23 °C
  • OCT 20 °C
  • NOV 14 °C
  • DEC 9 °C

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