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Jordan boasts a rich history, with relics from centuries and millennia past scaered throughout the country. Its landscapes and nature are diverse. Its sites and aractions are numerous. Yet it is the people of Jordan who often make the greatest impression on visitors. Jordanians are well-known for their warm and inviting hospitality that is rooted in a desert culture. Explore this beautiful country and learn about its people through a unique and memorable journey.
  • Day 1

    The Winemaker

    Learn about one of Jordan’s local wines, St. George wine, and taste the range on offer. Dine with the winemaker himself, who will tell you about wine production in Jordan and the wines you taste.

  • Day 2


    • After breakfast head downtown to Amman’s bustling core. Begin at the Roman Theatre, and the museums there will give you some insight into local culture. Walk through the colourful and chaotic vegetable market and past the gold souk as you head to the Duke’s Diwan. Brunch with Jordan’s only ‘Duke’, who created a space here that preserves the city’s architectural heritage and is open to visitors, artists, musicians and everyone who is interested.
    • In the afternoon head to Amman’s old capital, the city of Salt, for a walking tour that begins at the Abu Jaber Museum. Meet some of the locals in the town square and learn how to play the traditional game ‘mangaleh’ over tea.
    • Return to Amman for overnight.
  • Day 3

    The Eastern Desert

    • Today explore the desert castles as you head east into Jordan’s main desert. Stop at Qasr Kharraneh, Qusayr Amra and Qasr Azraq. The communities in this part of Jordan include Chechens and Druze. Enjoy a traditional lunch with a family from one of these communities to learn more about their unique culture and life in the desert.
    • After lunch head to Madaba, known as the ‘City of Mosaics’ for its wealth of beautiful Byzantine mosaics. Many of Jordan’s Christian community hail from this little city where, as with many other places in Jordan, you will see mosques alongside churches. Enjoy an afternoon stroll through its streets and meet with some of the residents of Madaba.
    • Spend the night in Madaba in one of its many friendly, family-run hotels.
  • Day 4

    Biblical lands

    • In the morning head to the Church of St. George to see the Byzantine mosaic map of the Holy Land. Then head to nearby Dhiban to meet the women of Bani Hamida and learn about their weaving project and the beautiful traditional rugs they make. Enjoy a home-made lunch with them.
    • After lunch wind your way down to the lowest point on earth and spend the night at the Dead Sea.
  • Day 5

    The Jordan Valley

    • At noon head south and stop at Ghor Mazra’a to meet the community there, learn how to make traditional shrak bread and gallayet bandoura (a popular local tomato-based dish) and lunch with them. If it’s the right season, you can help harvest tomatoes and pick the ones you will cook for lunch.
    • Continue south along the Jordan Valley and on to Feynan to spend the night at the candle-lit eco-lodge there. After dinner enjoy tea with a Bedouin family in their tent.
  • Day 6

    Bedouin life

    • Join a Bedouin shepherd for part of his morning goat herding and learn about life in the desert. After lunch head to Petra.
    • Visit a local Bedouin family and have coee with them, witnessing a desert ritual that is a key part of Bedouin life.
    • Dinner and overnight.
  • Day 7

    Nabataean wonder

    • Tour the ancient rose-red city of Petra, which was built by the Nabataeans more than 2000 years ago. Learn about this fascinating culture and the amazing relics they left behind.
    • In the late afternoon depart for Jordan’s Red Sea port city of Aqaba.
  • Day 8

    A haven by the sea

    • Start your day early and join Aqaba’s fishermen as they bring in the day’s catch and learn about their simple way of life as you enjoy a morning tea on the shore.
    • End your trip with a snorkel, swim or dive in the warm waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, or browse through the bustling local market.

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