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The marvels of nature and the genius of medieval Arab military architecture have given northern Jordan two of the most important ecological and historical attractions in the Middle East: the sprawling pine forests of the Ajloun-Dibbine area, and the towering Ayyubid castle at Ajloun, which helped to defeat the Crusaders eight centuries ago.

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Amman is the capital city of Jordan. In the thirteenth century, Amman was called Rabbath Ammon by the Ammonites. The Greeks called it Philadelphia. It got its present name Amman in the Ghasanaian era. King Abdullah the 1st chose Amman as his seat of government. This date marks the beginning of the modern history of Amman and Jordan.
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Aqaba is Jordan’s Resort on the Red Sea. Its sandy beaches and coral reefs are the most pristine. It is the resort where fantasy, sun and sea meet the charms and atmosphere of antiquity. For water sports and winter warmth, Aqaba is mild, sunny and inviting, fringed with palm trees.
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Azraq & Shawmari

Azraq is a unique wetland oasis located in the heart of the semi-arid Jordanian eastern desert, one of several beautiful nature reserves managed by the RSCN. The Shawmari Reserve is a breeding center for some of the most endangered and rare wildlife in the Middle East. In this small reserve there is a large herd of magnificent Arabian Oryx, a species that was once on the verge of extinction.
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Dana Reserve

Established in 1989, Dana Biosphere Reserve is Jordan’s largest nature reserve, covering some 320 km2 of rugged and beautiful landscape along the face of the Great Rift Valley. It sweeps down in a series of mountain ridges, from the 1500m high plateau near Quadesiyya to the desert plains of Wadi Araba. The mountains are cut by many steep-sided wadis, often lined with a lush growth of trees and shrubs.
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Only a short hour’s drive north of Amman is the Graeco-Roman city of Jerash (Gerasa in ancient times). This ancient city of Jerash is remarkable for its unbroken chain of human occupation. The city’s golden age came under Roman rule and the site is now generally acknowledged to be one of the best-preserved Roman provincial towns in the world.

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Ma'in Hot Springs

The stunning property offers wide ranging services and facilities to ensure personal attention in a welcoming atmosphere. Guest rooms feature a fresh and unconventional design utilizing natural materials of the region. A totally new approach to materials, finishes, and colors contribute to a memorable holiday experience.
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Madaba and its hinterlands were repeatedly mentioned in the Old Testament. Then it was known as Medeba and it featured in narratives related to Moses and the Exodus, David’s war against the Moabites, Isaiah’s oracle against Moab and King Mesha of Moab’s rebellion against Israel.
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Mount Nebo

Close to the village of Faysaliyah seven kilometers west of Madaba, Mount Nebo rises from the Trans-Jordanian plateau. It is bound on the east by the Wadi Afrit (which extends into the Wadi el-Kanisah) and the Wadi Judeideh further south and on the north by the Wadi en-Naml and further the Wadi Ayoun Mousa . It is flanked on the west by the Jordan Valley.
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Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the 7 wonders of the world, is the legacy of the Nabateans, an industrious Arab people who settled in south Jordan more than 2000 years ago. Much of Petra’s appeal comes from its spectacular setting deep inside a narrow desert gorge. From the main entrance, the visitor travels on foot through the awesome “SIQ”, an immense crack in the sandstone.
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The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea eastern coast in Jordan is one of the most spectacular natural and spiritual landscapes in the whole world. Series of new hotels and archeological discoveries are converging to make this region, the lowest spot on earth at 410 meters below sea level, as enticing to international visitors today as it was to kings, traders and prophets in antiquity.
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Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum, the largest and most magnificent of Jordan’s desert landscapes; In these ancient valleys, the elements of nature have modeled and carved out this panorama and have left us strips of scorched earth, sides of carved mountains and stretches of sand which have the ability to change into shades of yellow, red find orange.
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Aaron Tomb

The Edomite Kingdom Genesis (19-37) goes through the capital of the Edomite going to Petra where Aaron Moses’s brothers were buried at (Amos 1:12) (therefore I will wail for Moab I will cry out for all Moab I will mourn for the men of Kir Heres) Jeremiah (18:31).The Bible tells us how he made atonement to the people of Israel in an attempt to stop the plague. When Aaron died he was buried by Moses, and the people of Israel mourned his death for 30 days.
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Combined evidence from the biblical text, Byzantine and medieval writers’ accounts, and most recent archaeological works, place the tradition of John the Baptist’s mission, including the baptism of Jesus, adjacent to and directly east of the Jordan River, in the land of the modern Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Three pools are seen on the Tell. The first one is located on the lower southern slope dating to the Roman period during the 3rd – 4th centuries AD.

Desert Castles

Jordan’s desert castles, beautiful examples of both early Islamic art and architecture, stand testament to a fascinating era in the country’s rich history. Their fine mosaics, frescoes, stone and stucco carvings and illustrations, inspired by the best in Persian and Graeco-Roman traditions, tell countless stories of the life as it was during the 8th century.
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For Christians “epiphany” is the manifestation of the divinity of Christ. It is celebrated in January 6th with 3 episodes; the baptism in Jordan River, the coming of the wise men to Bethlehem, and the miracle of Canaan.
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Jordan River

Five miles north of the Dead Sea is an area in the river that witnessed several biblical episodes; the crossing of the Children of Israel, the crossing of prophet Elijah and Elisha, the hill where Elijah was taken to Heaven, and of course the place where Jesus was baptized by John. Being baptized in the Jordan River meant being cleansed of sin.
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Whether you approach Karak from the ancient Kings Highway to the east or from the Dead Sea to the west, the striking silhouette of this fortified town and castle will instantly make you understand why the fates of kings and nations were decided here for millennia. An ancient Crusader stronghold, Karak sits 900m above sea level and lies inside the walls of the old city.
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Lot's Cave

Dead Sea, the lowest spot on earth (400 meters below sea level), only recently the monastery and church of Saint Lot was uncovered. It is built close to the venerated “Cave” of Lot, the place where Lot and his daughters lived after escaping the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.
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In the Mukawir area, there is a palace-fortress where John was held prisoner, by king Herodian, before his tragic death. When John told King Herodian that he has sinned by marrying his brother’s wife, the king got furious and locked him up in this fortress. The Palace, named Macherus in Greek is known today as Makawir and is located 66 km southwest of Amman.


Pella is exceptionally rich in antiquities, some of which are exceedingly old. Besides the excavated ruins from the Graeco- Roman period, Pella offers visitors the opportunity to see the remains of Chalcolithic settlement from the 4th millennium BC, evidence of Bronze and Iron Age walled cities, Byzantine churches, early Islamic residence and a small medieval mosque.
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Tell Mar Elias

The twin sites of the Listeb and Tell Mar Elias, northwest of Ajlun, have long been identified with Tishbe, which was mentioned in the Bible as the hometown or region of the great Prophet Elijah. (Mar Elias means Saint Elias in Arabic). According to the Bible, Prophet Elijah was a Toshbite from the village of Toshibe (1 Kings 17:1, 21:17, 2 kings 1:3,8). This hill long known as Tell Mar Elias, has always been revered as a holy site.
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Umm El Rasas

A rectangular walled city, about 30 kilometers southeast of Madaba, which is mentioned on both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. It was fortified by the Romans and local Christians were still embellishing it with Byzantine-style mosaics well over 100 years after the start of the Muslim Umayyad rule.
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Umm Qays

Umm Qais lies some fifty kilometers north of Jerash. Umm Qais was renowned in its time as a cultural center and home to several classical poets and philosophers and was often called “a new Athens”. Kindle that transcendental feeling, as you walk through the path of ancient flourishing civilizations, their remnants telling the story of the many travelers who entered its ancient gates.
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In July 2021 the city of Salt in Balqa, Jordan, has been nominated as the 6th UNESCO World Heritage Site succeeding Petra, Wadi Rum, Qasir Amra, Umm Ar-Rasas, and the Baptism Site. The city of Salt, located just northwest of Amman, has all the time attracted settlers since the Iron Age at least. It is located on the ‘Frontier of Settlement’, namely the line between the desert, the fertile soil, and plentiful water.

Wadi Mujib

The Mujib Biosphere Reserve is the lowest nature reserve in the world, with a spectacular array of scenery near the east coast of the Dead Sea. The Reserve is located within the deep Wadi Mujib gorge, which enters the Dead Sea at 410m below sea level. The Reserve extends to the Karak and Madaba mountains to the north and south, reaching 900 metres above sea level in some places.

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