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The experience of Jordan is like none other, a country that is bursting with things to see and do. The rich cultural experience against the backdrop of the desert and seas is nothing short of breathtaking. Discover authentic Jordanian culture by venturing beyond and make unforgettable memories!
  • Day 1

    Amman Airport – Amman

    Upon arriving to Queen Alia International Airport, you will be meet by our Meet & Assist representatives to assist you on your way through immigration. Then transfer to your hotel in Amman for overnight.

  • Day 2

    Amman – Jerash – Ajloun – Um Qais – Amman

    After breakfast, drive to Jerash, the "Pompeii of the East" which is perhaps, the best preserved of the provincial Roman towns. Around its colonnaded main street, see the Cardo, South Theatre, Temple of Zeus, Hadrian's Arch, the Artemis Temple and the Nymphaeum. The city's 14 churches date from Byzantine time and are filled with fine mosaics.

    Continue westward to Saladin's 12th century Arab castle, Qalaat al Rabad (Ajloun), one of the finest examples of military architecture. Then drive to um Qeis visit this Greco-Roman town, also mentioned in the Bible, snugly located in a hillside of northern Jordan, and marvel at the sweeping view of Lake Tiberias and the Golan Heights from atop this Decapolis. Kindle that transcendental feeling, as you walk through the path of ancient flourishing civilization, their remnants telling the story of the many travellers who entered its ancient gates; from the Macedonians, who first established their acropolis, to the Romans, Byzantines, Umayyads and Ottomans then transfer then back to Amman hotel overnight.

  • Day 3

    Amman – Amman City Tour – Madaba (St. George Church & Mosaic Map) – Mt. Nebo – Shobak (panoramic) – Petra

    After breakfast, this morning tour the old city of Amman exploring the Citadel and the Roman Theater, two of the most popular archaeological sites in the city. Drive to Madaba, home to some of the finest Byzantine mosaics in the world. View the 6th century mosaic Map of Jerusalem, possibly the oldest map of the Holy City in existence. Continue to Mount Nebo, highest point in the Moabite mountain range, offering a remarkable view of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and the spires of Jerusalem. Tradition holds that Moses viewed "the Promised Land" from this peak. Continue to visit Shbak and finally drive to Petra hotel for overnight.

  • Day 4

    Petra – Petra Visit – Petra

    After breakfast ,Enjoy a guided tour of the many sites of Petra. Petra was carved into the rose-red Sharah Mountains by the Nabateans and lost to Civilization until rediscovered by the Swiss; Burkhardt. Around 11,000 BC Stone Age man was already exploiting the abundant natural resources of the Petra region, particularly wild goats and by 7000 BC some of the world’s earliest farmers were living in a walled village at Beidha, cultivating cereals and collecting nuts and fruits.

    But Petra really came to prominence in the 7C BC when the Edomites settled on Umm al-Biyara and other mountain strongholds and built a town at Tawilan above ’Ain Musa, in the hills to the north. Subject to Assyria, Babylonia, and then Persia, Edom in the 3C BC became the nucleus of an Arab state, the Nabateans kingdom and its capital at Petra. Originally from North Arabia, the Nabateans are first mentioned by the 1C BC historian Diodorus, who relates that in 312 BC Antigonus, the One-Eyed sent his general Athenaeus against ‘the land of the Arabs who are called Nabateans’, at that time a nomadic people who raised cattle and sheep and could survive for long periods in the desert, where they created a network of secret underground reservoirs.

    Athenaeus attacked a certain strong, though un-walled rock, perhaps the great massif of Umm al-Biyara at Petra, where the Nabateans had left their valuables, elders, women and children while celebrating a festival, killed some of the Arabs there and made off with vast quantities of frankincense, myrrh and silver. Some 150 years later the Nabateans had settled and Petra was the capital of an organized state, walk through the Siq, a narrow and winding fissure between the cliffs, to reach the Treasury, the Roman Theatre, the Courts, Qasr Bint Pharaoun, Temple of the Winged Lion and other monuments. Overnight in Petra.

  • Day 5

    Petra – Wadi Rum Tour – Wadi Rum

    After breakfast, Drive southwards this morning to Wadi Rum, a moonscape terrain of ancient river beds, wind-sculpted mountains, vast desert vistas and smooth, pastel-colored sands. You will meet long skirted legionnaires offering cardamom-spiced coffee at the "Beau Geste" outpost. Enjoy with 02 hours jeep tour at this oasis home to the film "Lawrence of Arabia." A truly “out of this world” experience! Thover night at your camp.

  • Day 6

    Wadi Rum – Aqaba Panoramic – Dead Sea

    After breakfast, transfer to Aqaba for a panoramic tour (outside castle), then transfer to Dead Sea hotel for overnight.

  • Day 7

    Dead Sea – Dead Sea Panorama complex lookout – Main Hot spring – Amman

    After breakfast, drive to a place where the blended hues of tinted skies magically reflect upon the salted surface of dead waters; the awe-inspiring views over the lowest point on earth shall teleport you well beyond the magical horizon. The reds, pinks, oranges and purples infused with golden swirls amid the clouds - a scene designed to inspire - as you witness this magical visual transformation unfolds drive to Hammamat Ma’in (Ma’in Hot Springs).

    The springs are located 264m below sea level in one of the most breathtaking desert oases in the world. Thousands of visiting bathers come each year to enjoy the mineral-rich waters of these hyper-thermal waterfalls. These falls originate from winter rainfalls in the highland plains of Jordan and eventually feed the 109 hot and cold springs in the valley. This water is heated to temperatures of up to 63° Celsius by underground lava fissures as it makes its way through the valley before emptying into the Zarqa River then drive to Amman.

  • Day 8

    Amman – Amman Airport

    After breakfast , transfer to Amman Airport for departure.


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