In Mukawir area, there is a palace-fortress where John was held prisoner, by king Herodian, prior to his tragic death.

When John told King Herodian that he has sinned by marrying his brother’s wife, the king got furious and locked him up in this fortress.

The Palace, named Macherus in Greek is known today as Makawer, and is located 66 km south west of Amman. It retains the memories of some very dramatic ancient human and political events, including the beheading of John the Baptist, a Jewish revoh against the Roman rule, and a prolonged Roman siege and destruction of the rebels.

From the summit of Makawer one has a splendid view of the Dead Sea, the hills of central Palestine and the rolling low mountains towards Jerusalem. The palace has gained considerable fame because it is where Herod Antipas imprisoned and then beheaded John the Baptist.

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