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Are you seeking for a new adventure in abroad? Well look no further because Jordan is the perfect place for you! Jordan is brimming with treasures, which many visitors are beginning to discover, begin your adventure by visiting the old cities and explore other venturesome opportunities rising in popularity throughout the country of Jordan.
  • Day 1

    Arrival – Amman

    • Our adventure begins at the airport in, to catch our flight together to Amman, the capital of Jordan, and perhaps one of the most modernized Arab cities.
    • Our local challenge leader greets us upon our arrival and a short coach transfer later, we check in to our hotel by the shores of the Dead Sea.
    • You may have heard of the Dead Sea’s amazing skin-healing properties due to its high concentration of precious natural minerals; but did you know that it isn’t a sea at all, but a massive salt lake? Nearly ten times as salty as the ocean! It’s also the lowest place on our planet, at 410m below sea level and fast receding, due to climate change.
  • Day 2

    Dead Sea – Feynan | approx. 4-5km/2.5 hours walking

    • We wake today for a free morning at the Dead Sea, which gives us a perfect chance to check out how salty it actually is! The lake is said to have 300% more magnesium, calcium, sodium, bromide and potassium than all the oceans and seas on Earth and it’s very difficult to swim in it – you’ll find your whole body will just float on top.
    • In the afternoon, we enjoy a beautiful coach transfer along the shore of the Dead Sea, past waterfalls and canyons, until we reach our start at Wadi Araba. This ancient valley connects the Dead Sea with the Red Sea and from here, we ease ourselves into the challenge with a gentle trek and feel the vastness of the land for the first time.
    • Passing a number of Bedouin camps, we hike on, until we reach our own camp in Feynan, close to the biblical Feynan copper mines, in the heart of the desert valley.
  • Day 3

    Feynan – Faron | approx. 16km/8 hours walking

    • Warmed up from yesterday, our challenge hikes up today, as we enter the desert’s Black Mountains. From our camp at 200m in the low-lying valley floor, we climb to Faron, which sits in the mountains at 1,350m! Following ancient canyon trails, we cross a range of rock formations and venture through wild Bedouin country, with a few glimpses over the Wadi Araba border area.
    • We reach our half-way point, at the ancient Roman copper smelting site of Umm el Amad. From here, we step into a jaw-dropping landscape of white sandstone domes, dotted with patches of Juniper trees, the last sign of the ancient Juniper forests that once covered the area.
    • Climbing higher through the mountains, we gain more insight into the Bedouin lifestyle, passing several camps and finally stopping for the night when we reach out our own camp at Faron.
  • Day 4

    Faron – Um Ellada | approx. 18km/8 hours walking

    • Our third day walking keeps us on higher ground and the terrain changes, as we follow donkey trails through vast and rugged land, barren but beautiful. Along the way, we catch glimpses of the Crusader fortress at Shaubak towering over the desert.
    • We finish our long day’s trek at Um Ellada and rest once again, beneath a mind-blowing canvas of stars, unspoiled by light pollution.
  • Day 5

    Um Ellada – Moeesra | approx. 10km/6.5 hours walking

    • Trekking across highland desert, our first few hours takes us to Little Petra (aka Beidah), an awesome archaeological site, believed to have once been a fortified roadside resting place of the Nabataean capital.
    • Little Petra gives us a great feel for what awaits us in Petra. As we trek into the hidden valley, we’re treated to amazing views of what sandstone domes and an archaeological wonderland.
    • We trek along the awesome sandstone rocks in the afternoon and end our day at Moeesra, for a final night camping in the desert.
  • Day 6

    Moeesra – Petra – Wadi Musa | approx. 6km/6 hours walking

    • Rise and shine to our last day of walking! Today, we enter the World Heritage Site of Petra. This ancient, hidden city is one of the Seven Wonders of the World – and so it should be!
    • We use the eastern approach to enter, close to the ancient monastery, a fascinating monument, carved from one massive rock. This ridge gives us unbeatable views of the valleys beneath – plus we’re using a quieter entrance, avoiding the crowds. We now have the brilliant opportunity to explore the site and visit Petra’s historic landmarks, taking in the ancient monastery, treasury and library.
    • Rejuvenated from our walking tour, we leave Petra through the famous 1,200m-long canyon, a crack in the towering cliff, and trek our last stretch to our finishing point in the town of Wadi Musa.
  • Day 7

    Petra Free Day (Possibility to visit Wadi Rum with a supplement)

    • Our last day in Jordan is free for us to enjoy as we wish, either revisiting the enchanting city of Petra or taking an optional tour to the beautiful Wadi Rum; famously described as “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom” by Lawrence of Arabia.
    • In the evening, we celebrate with a delicious last meal together at a local restaurant.

      A note for those of you opting for the Wadi Rum tour:

    • The optional tour isn’t included in your challenge cost, so you’ll need to budget for it if you choose to partake.
    • Wadi Rum tours are run by the Bedouin cooperatives; they are the only people allowed to work within this nature reserve. The vehicles are owned and maintained by the local tribes. They are usually open-top, flat-bed pick-up trucks with bench seating (no seat belts).
    • They don’t race across the desert and generally stay in convey. The vehicles are roadworthy and well maintained, but not particularly comfortable and you are exposed to the elements. The tour manager will give a full safety briefing before the group embark.
  • Day 8

    Petra – Departure

    • This day, transfer by coach to the airport, where we catch our flight back home.

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